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In order to achieve the strong goal of Wei Ya Sen, implement the complementary advantages, create the "Wei Ya Sen" brand, to provide more customers with "Wei Ya Sen" quality products and services, to promote the development of the global building of energy saving and security doors and windows.1

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Policy Support

Willasen always adheres to maintaining the core interests of dealers, and always believes that only each partner can be a stronger enterprise to develop better. The specific support policy is as follows:

Free template and support support

Opening activities support

After the store decoration is completed, the company sends professional marketing blasting team to support the opening activities locally.

Training and guidance system support

The Vic regularly conducts design training, shopping training, terminal operation training, internal exchange training sessions on a regular basis, the promotion of good experience and terminal operation methods, and the enhancement of the overall operational capability of the marketing partners. To minimize the profit cycle of the store.

Sample installation and after-sale support support

At the first time in the decoration of the new distribution shop, the company sends a special person to do on-site installation guidance and training terminal installation personnel. At the same time, due to the inherent product properties of the door and window products, the company is prone to abnormal gains and losses. The company will put an end to the abnormal damage rate of the product. At the same time, the company will collect the abnormal profit and loss first and then check the cause. The 1 - hour quick response mechanism.

Seven Brand Guarantees